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This video is all about our extended services. Beyond house clearance and deep cleaning, did you know we also offer painting and decorating services? Let’s dive in!

🛠️ What You’ll Learn:

– Our painting and decorating services are designed to get your property market-ready.

– How we assist landlords and letting agents.

– Our handyman services, including door repairs, kitchen installations, and more.


🌟 Why Choose Us?

– Comprehensive Services: From clearance to cleaning to painting, we do it all.

– Market-Ready Focus: We aim to get your property ready for sale or rent.

– Expert Contractors: Our team includes skilled painters, decorators, and handymen.

– Value-Added: We’ve helped clients sell their properties at market value.


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If you prefer to read, rather than watch, please check the video transcription here:



Yes, we offer a painting and decorating service as well as the house clearance service

and deep cleaning. What we’re doing is helping our clients who are looking to sell the property

or rent out the property if you’re a landlord or letting agent to get the property market ready again.

So that’s where we’ve added on painting and decorating services

and we have the contractors in place to deliver that.

We’ve added on some other services like hand demand services, fixing some holes in the wall,

fixing doors, replacing doors, cupboards, hinges, tightening up some screws

and even we’ve installed a kitchen for one of our landlord clients to help them get their property market

ready to sell the property. So we’ve actually assisted them in selling the house at the market value

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