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This video answers a common question we get: “How much notice do you need for a house clearance?” Whether it’s for a quote or the actual clearance, we’ve got the answers!

⏳ What You’ll Learn:

– The notice required for us to come out and give you a quote.

– Our recommended notice period for booking the actual house clearance.

– How we can adjust our schedule based on your urgency.

– The benefits of booking in advance to reserve your spot.


🌟 Why Choose Us?

– Quick Turnaround: We can usually give you a quote within a couple of days.

– Flexible Scheduling: We can adjust to meet your deadlines.

– Advanced Booking: We recommend booking at least three days in advance.

– Resourceful: With multiple vans, we offer great flexibility.


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If you prefer to read, rather than watch, please check the video transcription here:


So how much notice do you need to give us? We need at least a couple of days to get out there

if you want us to come and give you a quote, but if it’s actually for booking in-the-house clearance,

I always recommend booking at least three days or more if you can give us that.

We can always move it around based on your deadline and urgency

because some customers are not as urgent, and I always recommend that you can book in advance

and make sure we can reserve that space for you,

but we have plenty of vans on the road so the flexibility is key with us.

Thank you.

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For more information, feel free to reach out to us via email or WhatsApp. We’re here to make your house clearance as smooth as possible.

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