Are you wondering how a house clearance service operates? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process, from the initial contact to handing back the keys.

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In this video, we’re breaking down the A to Z of how our house clearance service works. From the initial contact to handing back the keys, we’ve got you covered.

📞 What You’ll Learn:

– How to get in touch with us for a FREE no-obligation quote.

– What to expect during our property visit.

– How we provide accurate quotes tailored to your needs.

– Our flexible booking process to fit your schedule.

– Additional services we offer to get your property market-ready.

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– Fast Turnaround: Usually within a week!

Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees.

– Comprehensive Service: From attic to outhouse, we clear it all.

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So, how does a house clearance service work?

What happens is you’ll call us, get in touch through email or phone call and we’ll either
organise to visit the property in person or you can send some, a list of inventory and
furniture that you want removed and also take photos and videos.

You can send that to us through WhatsApp or email and then we can get back in touch
with a free no obligation quote.

If you want us to come out, we would obviously want to check the attic, we need someone to
let us in with a key and we can check any outhouses and anything in cupboards and we’ll
want to see everything, ask a few questions to get a list of information to help us give
you an accurate quote.

And then once you’re happy with the quote, we can then book a date in the calendar that
we agree with that works for both of us and have you booked in for the future, usually
within a week we can book you in, but to be careful we like to make sure customers book
in early so that we can reserve that space for our clients and then we’ll come in on
the day, we just need to let in with a key, we’ll clear the house and then once we’ve
cleared the house, we’ll take a photo, let you know, we can also offer cleaning and other
services as well to get the property market ready and then we’ll hand the key back to
yourself, you can let us in and just let us get on with it for the day or if you have
a solicitor or a letting agent to get the key off of, we can get the keys off them and
then hand the keys back or even a key safe and that’s how the house clearing service

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