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In this video, we answer a frequently asked question:

“Do we take items to charity?” The answer is a resounding YES!

🌱 What You’ll Discover: 

-Our commitment to avoiding waste and landfill.

– How we prioritize charity donations for items in good condition.

– What happens if a charity won’t accept the items.


🌍 Why Choose Us?

– Eco-Friendly: We strive to recycle or donate whenever possible.

– Customer-Centric: You can even choose which charity you’d like us to donate to.

– Responsible Recycling: If donation isn’t an option, we recycle responsibly.


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If you prefer to read, rather than watch, please check the video transcription here:


Yes, we take items to charity on request of our customers

if that’s what they want to make sure that their furniture isn’t going to waste.

So we also want to avoid anything going to landfill or being wasted if it’s in good condition.

So we always try charity first if possible and usually if customers really want that done they’ll request

which charity they want it taken to and we can do that as part of our service.

If worst case if charity don’t take it we will recycle it appropriately

and things will be breaking down into its component parts if the charity won’t take any of the furniture.

Thank you.

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