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Today’s video addresses a question we often hear: “Do you collect items for free?” Spoiler alert: We don’t, and here’s why.

🔍 What You’ll Learn:

– The difference between our house clearance service and free collection services.

– Why do people choose us for the convenience of a complete house clearance.

– How we complement social enterprises and charities in the clearance process.

– What you’re paying for when you choose our service.


🌟 Why Choose Us?

– Complete Clearance: We ensure that 100% of the items are cleared.

– Convenience: Save time and stress by choosing our comprehensive service.

– Reliability: We step in where charities and social enterprises may leave off.

– Value for Money: You’re paying for a stress-free, complete clearance service.


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If you prefer to read, rather than watch, please check the video transcription here:


Do we get asked a lot if we collect items for free? We do not collect items for free.

We do a house clearance service. People are paying us for the convenience

of having a house clearance process taken away, taking that stress away.

There are social enterprises and charities that do take a couple of items away

that they can sell on for their charity, but they do not always take everything away.

We are a service who sometimes we come at the back of these social enterprises and charities.

If they have left some other items, people come to us more for the convenience

of making sure everything is cleared rather than being left with 80% of the furniture

after having a charity to come out and clear the property.

So we are a house clearance service and you would be paying for that service. 

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